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Mid-Summer Report

Mount Aetna Summer Camp 2016

Mid-Summer Report

Weekly Numbers: Baptisms:

Adventure Week: (ages 7-10) 47 Campers 1

Junior 1 Week: (ages 10-12) 80 Campers 3

Junior 2 Week: (ages 10-12) 71 Campers 4 (including 1 staff), 2 dedications

Tween Week: (ages 12-14) 53 Campers TBA

Teen Week: (ages 13-16) 77 Campers* TBA


Horsemanship: (ages 13-17) 6 Campers

Teen Extreme: (ages 13-17) 9 Campers

Watersports: (ages 13-17) 6 Campers


CIT 1: (ages 15-17) 6 Campers

CIT 2: (ages 15-17) 6 Campers

CIT 3: (ages 15-17) 7 Campers

Total: 291 Campers *Not including Teen Campers

The administrative team at Mt. Aetna Summer Camp is happy to announce that there have been no major injuries involving campers or staff.

Campers who make the decision to be baptized, but due to arrangements made to be baptized at home churches are instead dedicated at M.A.C.

More than 40% of M.A.C. campers are first time attendees.

The temperatures at camp have been steady in the 90’s for the past 2 weeks. Compared to previous summers, this one has been especially hot. Many cabins are overheating and would do well with the consideration of A.C. units placed in each cabin. We have 10 A.C. units in our possession, but would need 6 more purchased ($300 each) in order to allow for all camper cabins to have one. At the current time, only staff cabins have A.C. to avoid preferential treatment between camper cabins.

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