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I, or my dependent, or on behalf of all my team members, will at all times wear any required protective shin guards and follow the directions of the instructors and facilitators of this soccer tournament. 

I recognize that participation in the soccer tournament includes the possibility of accidents or injury, and acknowledge that my consent to participate in this activity is voluntary and informed. I am aware of the risks, and with an awareness of these risks consent to participate in the tournament. 

As participant or guardian or team captain, I waive, release and discharge Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, and its staff from liability from any and all rights, claims, and actions arising now and/or in the future out of participation in the Chesapeake Conference Soccer Tournament. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Chesapeake Conference from any claims arising out of any injury or harm the participant may cause to another individual during the course of participation in this tournament.
In case of an emergency, I give permission to the event staff to administer basic first aid or seek appropriate medical care. 
I also give permission to use audio and visual images or recordings for promotional purposes.
I am aware that 70% of my team must be Adventists. 
My team will be informed that no profanity is allowed and that whoever instigate a fight, not just the player will be eliminated but the whole team. 

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