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Welcome to the website of the Youth Department of the Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Our vision is to have a youth ministry that is directed and encouraged by God, where the youth believe the truth, is guided by the Holy Spirit, gives the reason of the hope that is within them, and honors God by using the gifts in areas where God has enabled them to labor.


Ann Reynolds

Children Ministries Director

Phone: 410-995-1910 Ext. 337




  • Discipling young people for Christ


  • To help our young people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  • To help mold the character of our young people into the image of God as the Holy Spirit directs us.

  • To train our young people for service and mission.

  • To provide opportunities where our young people can do service and mission work.

  • To teach our young people our Adventist Heritage, our history, our teachings, and our prophetic call as a church.

  • To teach our young people the principles of Christian recreation.

  • To train our youth leaders for effectiveness, empowerment, and spiritual formation.



  • To organize an infrastructure for each ministry where a conference-wide leader is appointed and a competent staff elected to serve in different areas within our conference. The primary role is to develop ministries in each church as needed and requested.  - done

  • To establish a counsel for each ministry so as to give guidance and direction. - done

  • To organize two main training events per year to train leaders, staff, and teens for leadership.  This training includes the instruction of our Adventist Heritage and our Christian principles on recreation. - done

  • To organize conference-wide events where our young people can come together to share their values, be challenged to finish the Great Commission, and the opportunity to share in wholesome Christian recreation. - done

  • To organize various age appropriate initiatives for mission and service projects for conference-wide participation. - done




  • To have our young people trained for various types of ministry.

  • To have our young people encouraged to live a holy life (1 Tim. 4:12 principle).

  • To have a well trained staff of 90 volunteers for the 8 different ministries within two years.

  • To have an average of 200 baptisms per year.

  • To have a profit budget for all our ministries.

  • To have a Conference Master Guide Club.

  • To have a year round horse program for the MountAetnaCamp & RetreatCenter.

  • To have year round programs at MountAetnaCamp & RetreatCenter for different age groups and different church groups.

  • To have Mount Aetna Camp & Retreat Center have the best outdoor education program in the Division.

  • To have 18 month—24 month calendars established ahead of schedule for each ministry. - done

  • To organize a conference-wide federation for AY Ministries within two years.

  • To have the Youth Ministries department well trained in Word, Excel, Power Point, and Page Maker with in two years. - done

  • To have union wide mission trips within two years. - done

  • To have a college ministries established within two years

  • To have our youth pastors trained to become conference youth directors within our Division within a year.

  • To have Mount Aetna Camp become the best in the Division.



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