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Welcome to the serious side of our Youth Department Web Site. While this site  is under construction, we wanted to convey the seriousness of protecting our children and youth. In the future we will have the conference policy on protecting out youth, Federal and State Laws and other information.

Our Mission:  Provide a safe atmosphere for our youth to grow in Christ.

Policy:  All Conference Coordinators and Trainers commissioned by the Chesapeake Conference must complete the training and background check through Volunteer Verify. Once that has been completed, they will receive a 'Clear for Service' notification.  At that point they will be allowed to participate as a Conference Trainer or Coordinator.

Oshkosh: All Clubs Directors, Staff and Parents attending the Oshkosh event this August 2019 must also complete the Volunteer Verify training and background check before being authorized to chaperone our Pathfinder and TLT's.

To start with this process, select the "Instructions" pull down menu, click on the link to Volunteer Verify and follow the instructions.  There is also and another menu with sample screen shot. 


Please follow the instructions through the process of creating an account with Verified Volunteers.

Please read the important steps below to help guide you.


Step 1: To create an account with Verified Volunteers, click here:

Step 1a: If that link does not work (some browsers don't interact well), try this link:


Step 2: When selecting your location, please select your home church as your primary location. Unless you are employed at a school, your place of employment should be your primary location.  Or a Conference Level Volunteer via the Youth Department.


Step 3:  Choose additional locations: In order to be in compliance with HR & Youth Department guidelines, you must select “Youth Department (Columbia)” as an additional location. This is also the time to select other locations, such as schools or other churches where you volunteer. See Screen shot 1, 2 and 3 on the "Helpful Screen Shots" menu.


Step 4:  After you have completed step 3, please contact Felix Nieto at or, so he can add the Blood Borne Pathogen training to your account. You can continue to step 4 while you wait for the Blood Pathogen training to be added, but check back to your account or after receiving an acknowledgement from Felix or Lynzee that the Blood Pathogen training has been added.


Step 5:  Complete the online Child Protection Online Awareness Session.


Step 6:  Submit your background check, which requires your driver’s license number and other personal information. Please do not use an iPad or iPhone to complete this – it works best on a computer.  Also, we recommend not using Internet Explorer, it can cause problems with submitting your background screening. Instead, use Firefox, Chrome or Safari, if you get any errors, then try Internet Explorer but use as the last resort.


Step 7: Complete the Blood Borne Pathogen training. If it is not found in your account, please contact Felix Nieto at or Lynzee Brival at – both serve as coordinators and can help you if you find yourself stuck. Please also email Felix when you have completed all your training, once he has verified that all the training and background check was been completed and received a cleared for service he will update you in the Chesapeake Conference Security Database.


VV screen shot 1 - main screen - sample.
VV Screen Shot 2 - Edit My Information -
VV screen shot 3 - add Youth Department.
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