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2022 Pathfinder Skilloree

(formally known at the Pathfinder Fair)

DATE:                      Sunday  -  May 1, 2022

LOCATION:            Atholton School - 6520 Martin Road, Columbia, MD 21044

EVENTS:                 Stretcher Relay, Crutch Race, Carry Relay, Rescue Knot Relay, Diagnose & Treat Competition


8:30a - 9:00a          Check-in

9:00a - 9:30a          Opening exercises and devotional

9:30a - 12 Noon      Five Activity Rotation

12 Noon - 1:00p      Lunch

1:00p - 1:30p           Conference-wide DRILL-DOWN (Jr and Teen separately)

1:30p - 2:00p           Drill Demonstrations and Award Ceremonies

2:00p                        Closing and Dismissal

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