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Animal Camouflage (Pathfinder Honor)

Animal Camouflage (Pathfinder Honor)

NAD Honor


This honor is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and obtain a solid understanding of animal camouflage.


    1. Define the following terms as related to animals hiding in nature.
      • Camouflage
      • Adaptation
    2. Explain the purpose of Animal Camouflage.
    3. Describe and give an example of each of the following types of animal camouflage:
      • Concealing coloration
      • Disguise
      • Mimicry
      • Disruptive Coloration
    4. ​​​​​​​Do three of the following projects:​​​​​​​
      • Create an animal of your own keeping in mind the use of animal camouflage.
      • create a game based on animal camouflage and play it with a group.
      • Write and tell a children’s story with an animal camouflage theme.
      • Spend a minimum of 30 minutes observing an animal with uses camouflage in its natural setting or a video and write a report on your observations.
      • Create a children’s book with illustrations about animal camouflag
      • Create your own project about animal camouflage (get approval from your Club Director first)
    5. ​​​​​​​Discover how Satan uses disguise to deceive people and Jesus’ plan of redemption.

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