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Communication (Adventurer Award)

Communication (Adventurer Award)

Florida Conference Award


This award is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and obtain a solid understanding of communications.


    1. What does communication mean? Why is it impor
      tant that we communicate?

    2. Name ways that we can communicate using out

    3. By making faces, let others guess if you are
      happy, sad, mad, angry, scared, etc.

    4. Name some ways of comminication used every
      day. Use one of these methods to communicate
      wtih someone.

    5. Know your telephone number and show how to
      dial it on a phone.

    6. What is the emergency number in your area?
      When would you use it?

    7. If you have a problem or something is bothering
      you, what should you do?

    8. Make 2 different devices used for communication
      from construction paper, boxes, etc.

    9. How do we communicate with God? Draw or color
      a picture of children praying.

    10. How does God communicate with us?

    11. Learn a Bible verse that tells about God communi
      cating with us.


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