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Eclipse (Adventurer Award)

Eclipse (Adventurer Award)

Chesapeake Conference Award


This award is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and obtain a solid understanding of eclipses.


    Questions & Activities:

    1. Do three (3) activities with eclipse vocabulary words (sun, moon, shadow, eclipse, corona, partial, total, earth, light, lunar, solar) such as a word search, hangman, definition match, fill-in-the-blank, etc.

    2. Color a picture showing how an eclipse happens.

    3. Know how to view a solar eclipse safely. What can happen if you view a solar eclipse unsafely?

    4. View a total eclipse on video or in person.

    5. View a partial eclipse in person or on video.


    1 & 2. Use the internet to search printable eclipse worksheets. had excellent worksheets in 2017.

    3. Use special solar glasses or a pinhole viewer. Never look directly at the sun, not even with sunglasses. You could hurt your eyes and even go blind. has free printables including fact sheets, safety tips, pinhole viewers to make, fans, activity guides and more.

    Just for fun- Illustrate an eclipse with Oreo cookies. Remove the top of the cookie and the cream can represent the sun while the black around it is the sun's corona. The removed top is now the moon and can be passed in front of the "sun" to show either a total or partial eclipse. Or both if Adventurers don't eat their projects first!

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