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Friends (Adventurer Award)

Friends (Adventurer Award)

Florida Conference Award


This award is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and obtain a solid understanding of the topic of friends.


    1. What is a friend?

    2. Name three ( 3 ) ways you can make friends.

    3. Name four ( 4 ) things you can talk about ot be friendly with

    4. Be sure to choose your friends carefully. Name four ( 4 )
      thngs you need to think about when choosing a friend.

    5. Name three ( 3 ) ways that you can know a person is a
      right friend for you.

    6. Did Jesus have friends? If so, have an adult help you find
      a text in the Bible about some of His friends.

    7. Make a craft to give to your friend.

    8. Learn how to properly introduce your new friend to a family

    9. Invite your new friend on a nature hike with your club or

    10. Do your choice of one of the following:
      a. Learn a song about friends.
      b. Make a scrapbook about your new friend.
      c. Write a story about your friend.
      d. Write a poem about your friend.
      e. Tell a story about your friend.


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