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Kites (Pathfinder Honor)

Kites (Pathfinder Honor)

NAD Honor


This honor is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and obtain a solid understanding of kites.


    1.    What day of creation did God make flite creatures?
    2.    When were kites first made and flown? 
    3.    Explain the principles of air dynamics.

    • a)  Lift & Gravity
    • b)  Thrust & Drag
    • c)  Pitch, Roll, and Yaw 

    4.  Explain the center of gravity and center of lift, and why this is important in kite design?
    5.     Define the following terms:

    • a. Spine(s)        b. Spars
    • c. Vent                d. Bowstring
    • e. Cover             f. Frame
    • g. Tail                  h. Keel
    • i. Flying line      j. Bridle
    • k. Reel                 l. Dihedral

    6.    What are some types of kites used today?
    7.    Tell the story of Benjamin Franklin and his kite in June 1752
    8.    Name some of the ways that kites might be used today.
    9.    What are the 4 what’s?

    • a)    What #1 – What is a common cause of kite failure? 
    • b)    What #2 – If the line breaks what then?
    • c)    What #3 – What should be done when a kite loops during flight?
    • d)    What #4 – Do you know the safety rules for kite flying?

    10. Make and successfully fly two of the following kites:

    • a. Sled kite
    • b. Flat kite
    • c. Two-stick diamond kite
    • d. Delta wing kite
    • e. Eddy or Malay kite
    • f. Box kite
    • g. Tetrahedral kite

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