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Luther & the Reformation (Adventurer Award)

Luther & the Reformation (Adventurer Award)

Chesapeake Conference Award


This award is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and obtain a solid understanding of Martin Luther and the reformation.


    1. Read a book or watch a movie about Martin Luther.

    2. What did Martin Luther do that started the Reformation? When did he do it?

          What invention greatly   helped the Protestant Reformation?

    3. Color or draw a picture of the Luther Rose.

    4. What does the black cross symbolize? The white rose? The sky-blue field? The golden ring?

    5. The Five Solas were mottos of the Protestant Reformation. What do they mean in English?

    6. Make a craft about the Five Solas

    7. Martin Luther loved music, played the guitar and lute, and wrote many hymns. One of the most famous songs he wrote is "A Mighty Fortress". Sing or play this song.


    1. Be sure the book or movie is age appropriate

    2. He nailed his 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg. October 31, 1517. The printing press

    3. Pictures can be gotten from the World Wide Web (WWW)
    4. a. Black cross - Faith in the Crucified (Jesus) saves us
        b. White rose - Faith gives joy, comfort, peace
        c. Blue field - Hope of heavenly joy
        d. Golden ring - Heaven lasts forever and is of great value
    5. a. Sola Scriptura - Scripture Alone: 2 Timothy 3:16-17
         b. Sola Gratia - Grace Alone: Ephesians 2:8-9
        c. Sola Fide - Faith Alone: Galatians 3:11
        d. Solus Christus - Christ Alone: 1 Timothy 2:5
        e. Soli Deo Gloria - To God Alone Be Glory: 1 Peter 4:11
    6. Trace & cut out your hand on card stock and write a Sola on each finger. (Latin or English).

         Decorate with glitter glue, markers, crayons or some other craft
    7. Rhythm instruments count.

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