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Meteorites (Pathfinder Honor)

Meteorites (Pathfinder Honor)

NAD Honor


This honor is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and obtain a solid understanding of meteorites.


    1. Define a meteorite.
    2. Explain the difference between a meteorite fall and a find.
    3. Explain how meteorites are named.
    4. Describe a hypervelocity crater.
    5. Identify from images, draw or photograph the following types of meteorites. Describe the common shape, size, composition and method of formation for each type of meteorite.

      1. Stony (including Chondrites and Achondrites)
      2. Stony-Iron
      3. Iron
    6. Identify and classify three notable meteorites, including one found in your country. These may include such named meteorites as Hoba, Willamette and Allende. What makes each of your chosen meteorites notable?

    7. Identify seven Bible mentions of a meteorite or fiery rock falling from heaven (stars, large stone, hailstone and brimstone are common Biblical terms for meteorites). Discuss or describe why you think the Bible mentions meteorites.

    8. Do two of the following:

      1. Visit a local museum and identify meteorites that have been gathered from different locations around the world.

      2. Have a local rockhound/meteorite collector visit your group and present meteorites he/she has collected.

      3. Create a display of 10 photos and information about meteorites including significant information learned in this honor.

      4. Create a table game that assists others in learning about meteorites. You may model the game after popular card or board games.


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