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My Special Animal (Adventurer Award)

My Special Animal (Adventurer Award)

Florida Conference Award


This award is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and can name their favorite or special animal and explain why it is special to them.


    1. Tell the club or a friend what is your favorite or
      special animal. Why is it special to you?

    2. What day did God create your special animal?
      Read about this in creation in the Bible.
      Answers will vary - from the fifth or sixth day.
      Read: Genesis 1:20-25

    3. What food does your special animal eat? DO you take care of your special animal?
      Answers will vary – allow the Adventurers to tell about taking care of their special

    4. About how much does your special animal weight?
      Answers will vary – again make this part of their telling about their special animal

    5. Make a scrapbook about your special animal. Include a picture or draw and color a
      picture of your special animal, where it lives, what it eats etc.


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