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Water Science (Pathfinder Honor)

Water Science (Pathfinder Honor)

NAD Honor


This honor is presented to those students who complete the requirements for this course and obtain a solid understanding of the science of water.



    1.   Making use of household products build a 3-D model of the water atom. Explain its chemical composition.

    2.   List and describe (in writing or orally) some characteristics of water that distinguish it from nearly all elements.

    3.   Making use of photos, diagrams, or any other form of visual aid illustrate the three states of water.

    4.   Describe, illustrate or represent the difference between clouds, snow and rain.

    5.   Through photos or diagrams identify and list the five main types of precipitation.

    6.   What is the boiling and freezing point of water?

    7.   Water Trivia: The following questions can be utilized in different forms to promote learning and understanding about water. Questions can be adapted for Jeopardy, Bingo, and Wheel of Fortune among many others. Creativity is strongly encouraged.

    a.   What is the estimated weight of one gallon/4 liters of water?

    b.   The human body consists of how much water.

    c.   What is the largest ocean on Earth?

    d.   What is the largest lake in the World?

    e.   What is the largest lake in North America?

    f.    Can sound travel faster through water or air?

    g.   What is the deepest point in the world’s oceans?

    h.   What is the longest river on Earth?

    i.    How long can a person survive without water?

    j.    What makes water hard?

    k.   What uses the most water in households?

    l.    What is the word used to describe how much water vapor is in the air?

    m.  What is the name of the canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean?

    n.   Which conducts heat more efficiently – water or air?

    o.   How much water do you need to drink daily?

    p.   What chemical is added to water to kill harmful germs?

    q.   How many gallons/liters of water are used in a 5-minute shower?

    r.    What is the longest navigable river in your country?

    s.    T or F: Water is often called the universal solvent because many things can be dissolved in it.

    8. Answer the following:

    a.   How much of the earth is covered by water.

    b.   How much of the earth’s water is fresh water?

    c.   Where is water found on earth?

    9.   Select three of the following and discuss at least one way water is used.

    10. What is a body of water? Through photos, diagrams or sketches, be able to illustrate the following bodies of water below, naming one that can be found in your city, town, county or state.

    a.   Agriculture

    b.   Washing

    c.   Drinking

    d.   Fire Extinction

    e.   Transportation

    11.       Discuss with a group the biblical context of at least three of the following text as each relates to the significance of water in the bible.

    a.   Genesis 1:20

    b.   Exodus 14:21

    c.   Matthew 28:19

    d.   John 3:5

    e.   John 4:14

    f.    Revelation 22:1

    12. Demonstrate a technique that can be used to convert salt water into clean drinking water. References



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