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Week II – Summer News Flash and Highlights

Mt. Aetna Camp (Lynzee Brival & Doug Hess)

· Junior Week I - 3 baptisms today, 3 to occur in their local churches when they return, 3 more wanting baptisms ---- Amen!

· Pastor Corea was our speaker for the week, and Pastor Grassiotto for this Sabbath. We have been meeting at the HVA Church for Sabbath Service and will continue for one more week.

· FYI: The pool, looks great, and were able to hold the baptisms at the pool. Thanks, Glen and David, great work on the pool!

FLAG Camp (Randy Myaing /Puia Fanai)

· Salisbury - Beacon of Light – we are trying a new project for this year and next by reaching out to the community kids. The week started slowly, however Salisbury now knows the SDA church as a community church – we did well with around 20 young people. Next week – Cambridge Community

The Edge (Cesar Gonzalez / Trip Leader Keith Blair)

· Panama - Keith Blair will give us more updates – will share his info next week

· Honduras - Pastor Cesar is back, just arrived this morning. He has reported that the Roaten Hub is moving forward nicely for 2017. We do need to ship the buses to the Island.

Blessings to all,

Center of Youth Discipleship

Chesapeake Conference of SDA

Carl Rodriguez, Youth & Young Adults Ministries Director

Ann Reynolds, Children’s Ministry Director

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