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'Generation Rain' Challenges Teens to Put Faith in Action

The annual retreat for high school students was held at Highland View Academy from Feb. 24-26.

Chesapeake Conference hosted its annual "Generation Rain" retreat for high school students from Feb. 24-26 on the campus of Highland View Academy in Hagerstown, Md. The theme for this year's retreat was "More Like Jesus," and featured keynote presentations from guest speaker Joel Greve, a pastor in the Ohio Conference.

Weekend activities included worship, music, seminars, testimonies, and community service. The event's high point was on Sabbath afternoon when teens took part in local mission projects in the Hagerstown area. Some of the projects included visiting retirement homes and assisting Habitat for Humanity.

Kenia Reyes, Youth and Young Adult director for Chesapeake Conference, emphasized the retreat's focus on empowering youth to serve others. "This year, we've been focusing on community service and the importance of serving our communities by being the hands and feet of Jesus," Reyes said. "[It's about] being able to show Jesus's love through our actions."

On Saturday night, teens enjoyed an outing to a local bowling alley, which allowed them to make new friends while having fun with peers from across the conference.

Teens Likhi John and Arilynn Hess said they enjoyed attending this year's Generation Rain. "What I like most about this weekend is just meeting new people," said John. "It gives you time to get away from school and fellowship and meet new people."

Hess, who was attending Generation Rain for the first time, added that she appreciated the spiritual focus. "It's a set place to learn about [God] and get close to Him," she said. "I'm really grateful for this whole opportunity."

Josue Feliciano, associate pastor of the Hagerstown (Md.) church and Generation Rain coordinator, said he hoped teens would return to their churches and schools with a taste for community services and a desire to get involved in their communities. "They can make a difference, and God wants them to make a difference," he said.


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