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Highland View Academy Students Lead Online Week of Prayer

Last week, five Highland View Academy (HVA) students led out in a virtual Week of Prayer experience. With school buildings closed across the region due to the coronavirus pandemic, students were unable to meet together in person for this special week of spiritual emphasis. "The student speakers and the campus ministries department agreed that Week of Prayer was more important now than ever before," says Mandy Corea, campus ministries director for Highland View Academy. "This was a way to keep our student body connected and also allow for the Holy Spirit to work through these students and the sermons they had been preparing since January." The week's theme, "Communicating Through the Characteristics of God," led students to cover the topics of love, belonging, justice, respect and forgiveness. The student speakers added stories and personal testimonies to their sermons, giving their peers an opportunity to relate to each message. "We look to other places for acceptance, but God has already accepted us," shared Stephanie Jaqua, senior at Highland View Academy. "God loves us no matter what. Since He loves us, and if we love Him, we need to be that person that reaches out to others."

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